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Experience-less Experiences?

A life fully awake and alive can be yours
Let us help you recapture your life and become more connected to your self, others and your world.


Are you really awake, alive and aware? Do you really taste your food, smell the air, and feel your body. Are you aware of the self-talk and incessant conversation you are carrying on with yourself all day?

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The universe is alive and creation is alive, and you are alive. Becoming is the idea that who you were a year or ten ago is not the same “you” today. Everything is in a state of constant creative movement or becoming.

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Have you ever had the sense you should call someone and check in on him or her? Ever felt like you should give someone a call of encouragement? We could list many of these so called “coincidences.” What we have intuitively experienced however science is now proving; all of us are deeply and invisibly connected.

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Personal mastery is the discipline of continually clarifying and deepening our personal vision, of focusing our energies, of developing patience, and of seeing reality objectively’ It goes beyond competence and skills, although it involves them. It goes beyond spiritual opening, although it involves spiritual growth. Personal Mastery is a never ending process.

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We are living lives filled with experiences we never experience. We are hypnotized by the pace, we are smothered by demands, we are panting and out of breath and would just love to relax and feel! The nature of 21st century living has us quickly moving from soccer games, to music lessons, to dinner, to the gym and then some DVR’d TV so we can quickly do that sans commercials. The pace and density of all of this splicing together and compressing of life’s events has created for many people experience-less experiences. We are skimming through life.





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